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Tarte To Share

Description Our gourmet tarts are a true moment of pleasure. These crunchy biscuits with a savory layer of cream come in a variety of flavors including lemon or passion cream, caramel, speculoos and chocolate for the dessert lovers.

Our tart range is available in these specific formats:

1) partyfood mini tarts: 17g

2) Individual dessert: 90g

3) To share tarts: 450g

We also offer a high diversity of toppings : choose between glazing and many other garnishing.


Our Tarts "To share" have a size of 450g or 900g. The are beautiful, big, crunchy and delicious.

For retail our tarts are sold in plastic blister which emphazises its quality.

To eat all together for the happyness of each one.

To use :

  • defrost 4-7°C 4h or 15-20°C2h

Retail Packing :

  • 1 piece per blister

Bulk Paking :

  • /

Chilled shelflife :

15 days

Frozen shelflife :

18 months

Weight :


Chief trick :

Please keep them in the fridge and eat them fresh and let you just savoury