Dessert Factory perfectly combines homemade recipes with high quality, Belgian and 100% natural raw materials.

Crunchy Chocolate

Superfresh Soufflés


A brand new range from Dessert Factory that comes in classy glass individual ramekins. Dessert Factory is producing only the individual dessert for the moment.

Our different products include:

  • Cheesecakes
  • Soufflé

Crunchy Chocolate

Our chocolate soufflé comes from a recipe of Christophe's Mother. We are calling it at the factory " the mother fondant recipe". It's a delicate and melty taste of chocolate, the layer of biscuit adds a crunchy sensation that we could find in our child's chocolate cake. Mmmm only good things!

To use :

  • Reheat 20 sec 650W

Retail Packing :

  • 1 or 2 pieces/sku

Bulk Paking :

  • 16 pieces/box

Chilled shelflife :

23 days

Frozen shelflife :

18 months

Weight :

80 - 90g

Chief trick :

Always keep some in your fridge to avoid any disappointment !