Dessert Factory perfectly combines homemade recipes with high quality, Belgian and 100% natural raw materials.

Tradition chocolate

Moelleux Individual


The incredible fine taste of chocolate makes this original Belgian moelleux a fantastic experience of pleasure.

Heat that dessert in your oven or microwave and you will have a delicious taste of oozing chocolate.

We call it the "guilty pleasure"!

Among years, we have developed two specific recipes for that range of product, one is respecting the old tradition of French gastronomy, the other one is embracing modernity of world cuisine.

We have also developped 2 formats, the individual and the mini.



Tradition chocolate
intense chocolate
tradition white chocolate
White chocolate & coconut

No need for presentation for our famous chocolate moelleux ! Based on our success, we developped a whole range of different taste that we invite you to discover.

To use :

  • 180°C 13 min
  • 500w 1 min

Retail Packing :

  • 2 pieces/sku
  • 6 sku/box

Bulk Paking :

  • 24 pieces/box

Chilled shelflife :

20 days

Frozen shelflife :

18 months

Weight :


Chief trick :

Even more enjoyable served with an ice cream or english sauce