Dessert Factory perfectly combines homemade recipes with high quality, Belgian and 100% natural raw materials.

Cafe gourmand

Gluten Free Dessert

Description Responding to the growing demand for gluten-free products, Dessert Factory has developed a complete range, from the mini-fondant, family-size fondant, to the moelleux and the tarts.

Our main objective remains to bring you a taste of pleasure combined with a top quality dessert.

We have developed a specific process to ensure no cross-contamination can occur within our factory, which produces gluten free products in a safe way.

Cafe gourmand

The cafe gourmand are available in 4 different flavors : chocolate, almond, coconut and chocolate with hazelnuts.

Moreover it is possible to eat them under 2 formats :

- The individual of 50 - 75g

- The mini of 15 - 20g

To use :

  • defrost 4-7°C 3h or 15-20°C1h

Retail Packing :

  • 2 pieces per blister
  • 6 sleeves per carton

Bulk Paking :

  • 24 pieces per carton

Chilled shelflife :

30 days

Frozen shelflife :

18 months

Weight :

20 - 75g

Chief trick :

Perfect for a sweet break