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Fondant Individuel

Description We call them "The Fondants" because their smooth texture in your mouth. Honestly, this range is a true reflexion of our grandmother's recipes. The 4 major natural ingredients being : chocolate, sugar, eggs and butter.

So simple and so good!

As time goes on, we have developed this range to intensify your moment of pleasure. Keep it for yourself or share it.

All the "Fondant" are available as Gluten free products.


Perfect for a little break at school, at work or anywhere in the world. The exterior is a bit crunchy when the inside is lovely soft.

With his traditional recipe, these quality brownies will give you an happy moment anytime.

To use :

  • defrost 4-7°C 3h or 15-20°C1h

Retail Packing :

  • 2 pieces per blister
  • 6 blisters per cartons

Bulk Paking :

  • 24 pieces per carton

Chilled shelflife :

30 days

Frozen shelflife :

18 months

Weight :


Chief trick :

Perfect for a chocolate break